Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I'm back on track.

I'm back on track now.
 I've got my diabetes back under control. I'm taking my insulin again like I should be, testing my blood again like I should be.I had my first hypo in ages the other day. OH MY GOD I'd forgotten how awful they make you feel for ages after. My levels are still sitting a bit too high for my liking but I'm getting them lower slowly.

I hate diabetes. I hate the fact it has a massive impact on your life, no matter if you think it doesn't , it does! I hate the fact I'm constantly worrying about my levels, the damage I'm doing to my body, the future and complications if I get pregnant , or seriously ill.  I hate injecting myself everyday, a minimum of 4 times a day. I hate testing my blood. I hate the disruption diabetes causes, be it just because I'm stopping to inject or test my blood or because I'm having a hypo I need to treat. I hope one day there is a cure for diabetes. I know there are worse illnesses/diseases etc but for me, right now, this is bad! I'm not asking for sympathy or anything of that sort, just for some understanding and support. I hope I can give other people support too.


I don't know what caused me to slip and stop doing what I should but I'm ashamed at my self for it.

I'm still trying to loose weight, eat better, exercise more.
Thanks to my work for Avon I'm getting out more and its really boosting my confidence.
I'm still planning away for my wedding. Struggling with the saving though.

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