Friday, 9 July 2010

Off to the doctors I go.

Ok. I've given in.  I have a doctors appointment tonight. Today is the worst  have ever felt. The sickness, the nausea, the dizzyness. AND my 4th hypo n 3 days. I've had enough.

My bloods are swinging from high to low and I don't feel well enough to keep sorting them out. I did a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I wonder what the doc will think it is. I'm going to ask for a blood test to see if I am pregnant as maybe my hormone levels are just not high enough to read on a home test yet.

I just hope they can sort me out or at least tell me what is wrong.
I'll let you know how it all goes later.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


2 hypos in the space of 45 minutes!!!! I was at 2,7 mmol/L with the first one so downed half a lucozade & a tube of hypo gel *puke* then sat there for 30 mins. When I finally did get up I was fine.... for the first 5 minutes then I started to feel shaky, dizzy and sick again so I thought I'd better re-test...... 3.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the ....... How does that work? Downed the other half of the lucozade and another tube of hypo stop. Finally went to bed at midnight at 7.8mol/L.
Again didn't take levemir before bed as I was about to when I got my first hypo. Woke up this morning on 8.4mmol/L.
I seriously don't understand my body or my diabetes anymore.
Any ideas anyone why this could be happening?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Just a quickie today.

I'm very confused with my blood levels. Last night before bed I was 9.7mmol/L then an hour later I was down to 5.4mmol/L so I downed some toast, decided to take my levemir this morning instead. Tested my blood at 3am to find it at 6.5mmol/L. When I woke up this morning I was 7.8mmol/L. Dont get me wrong. I'm soooo pleased with these results just a tad confused because I hadn't taken any insulin. When I did take my levemir I then had breakfast, two slices of toast. An hour and half after breakfast I tested my blood levels were at 8.1mmol/L - I'd taken no novarapid as I was worried about hypoing because of such good/low levels for me the previous night.

Why does the diabetes fairy do this to us? Just when we think we understand our body and our diabetes she throws another thing into the mix and confuses us again.

(fairy found at

Monday, 5 July 2010

Hey everyone!

How are you all?

I'm just back from from holiday. I went to Lincolnshire camping! It was fantastic fun! Got a tan even with factor 50 sun cream on! It got upto 37 degrees c while we were there.
One problem with the heat..... hypos!
I suffered from about 3 hypos a day. I'd swing from about 11mmol/L to 2.7mmol/L in about 2 hours even if I was just sitting there reading a book. Hypo's aren't good at the best of times but while camping they are even worse!
I'm still trying to get pregnant but the diabetes worries me so much. I have been given the go ahead from the docs but its still a worry.
I'm really sick of having diabetes. I wish for one day I was "normal" , I was Louise not Louise the diabetic.

Most of you know I was born with one hand . My ESA have been stopped because apparently I'm not disabled enough. They work it out by a point system. I got 9 points because I "struggle doing & undoing small buttons".... thats it. I have to have had a minimum of 15 points to qualify. They don't think I struggle " completing tasks on time because of mental,learning or physical disabilities". Seriously why don't these people think!! Use their brains!!! Why is it so hard! Not only that they stopped  it from the 17th June but wrote the letter on the 1st July from evidence from 16th January. I was due my next payment on the 1st July. I now can't pay my bills due to their incompetence!! I can appeal but it could take months! I'm fuming!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A child's view.

"Do you know why kids get type 1 diabetes, Mum? So that they can learn to protect themselves, and appreciate the value of their life. Other people aren't grateful to live like people with type 1 diabetes." 

This was posted on Facebook on Dear Diabetes. I thought it was so inspirational and beautiful. It really makes you think how no matter how hard life gets children always know how to make it better. To think and believe that line is fantastic. Diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2, is bad and difficult to deal with at the best of times, but for a child it is even harder. I was 15 when I was diagnosed and I struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis. I wish I had the mindset of this kid to think that way.
Life is something to treasure and to enjoy. We have diabetes, so what! We are amazing people who should appreciate that we have a life, we can enjoy the finer things in life. We have freedom - ok so we have to stop every now and then to test our blood or take insulin or boost our sugar levels. We have to go for check ups regularly but that is only so we can keep living a good life. Yes there will be problems in the future but there is also hope.
There are always new advances in technology and medication and at least diabetes can be treated. There are worse things out there that happen to people and there are better things to. Diabetes is going to get us all down at some point but I hope when it does we can all see it isn't the end of the world and it will get better.

Thank you to Dear Diabetes for letting me quote the status. 

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I'm back on track.

I'm back on track now.
 I've got my diabetes back under control. I'm taking my insulin again like I should be, testing my blood again like I should be.I had my first hypo in ages the other day. OH MY GOD I'd forgotten how awful they make you feel for ages after. My levels are still sitting a bit too high for my liking but I'm getting them lower slowly.

I hate diabetes. I hate the fact it has a massive impact on your life, no matter if you think it doesn't , it does! I hate the fact I'm constantly worrying about my levels, the damage I'm doing to my body, the future and complications if I get pregnant , or seriously ill.  I hate injecting myself everyday, a minimum of 4 times a day. I hate testing my blood. I hate the disruption diabetes causes, be it just because I'm stopping to inject or test my blood or because I'm having a hypo I need to treat. I hope one day there is a cure for diabetes. I know there are worse illnesses/diseases etc but for me, right now, this is bad! I'm not asking for sympathy or anything of that sort, just for some understanding and support. I hope I can give other people support too.


I don't know what caused me to slip and stop doing what I should but I'm ashamed at my self for it.

I'm still trying to loose weight, eat better, exercise more.
Thanks to my work for Avon I'm getting out more and its really boosting my confidence.
I'm still planning away for my wedding. Struggling with the saving though.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sister has a blog

Sisters Blog

I thought I'd post a link to my sisters blog before I get into trouble for not doing it quick enough.

Bloods are still running high =( And I still have a nasty chesty cough.
Its starting to get me down again. I now its partly my fault for not taking care of myself but its also the fact I've not been well recently.
I really want a new blood kit. I like mine but I just don't have the "ohh I must test my blood" going on at the moment so was thinking maybe a new blood kit might help me get back on track.
I need to get motivated for alot of things at the moment. Weightloss, diabetes control, writing this, my Avon work.
It's not that I don't want to, its just I don't seem to have the energy etc to do it.

I'm getting a aerobic step with DVD that I got off FreeCycle, and am picking that up on Thursday. I'm hoping that because its something I can do in my own home while watching tv or something I can keep it up. As I build up my fitness and loose the weight I'll start back on my exercise bike.

I'm going out for dinner later with my OH, his assistant manager and his OH. I get on really well with them and am really looking forward to it. We are going to a chinese restaurant.
My OH's boss is really starting to bug me, he keeps going early when he's said my OH can or one of the other workers can. Like today. My mum needs to use our car to get stuff for dinner and get money out etc and my OH was supposed to come home early so he can get ready for going out and mum can use the car and now his boss is leaving early... after being off for a holiday last week (or the week before - can't remember exactly). Does my head in!!!!!