Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Just a quickie today.

I'm very confused with my blood levels. Last night before bed I was 9.7mmol/L then an hour later I was down to 5.4mmol/L so I downed some toast, decided to take my levemir this morning instead. Tested my blood at 3am to find it at 6.5mmol/L. When I woke up this morning I was 7.8mmol/L. Dont get me wrong. I'm soooo pleased with these results just a tad confused because I hadn't taken any insulin. When I did take my levemir I then had breakfast, two slices of toast. An hour and half after breakfast I tested my blood levels were at 8.1mmol/L - I'd taken no novarapid as I was worried about hypoing because of such good/low levels for me the previous night.

Why does the diabetes fairy do this to us? Just when we think we understand our body and our diabetes she throws another thing into the mix and confuses us again.

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