Monday, 5 July 2010

Hey everyone!

How are you all?

I'm just back from from holiday. I went to Lincolnshire camping! It was fantastic fun! Got a tan even with factor 50 sun cream on! It got upto 37 degrees c while we were there.
One problem with the heat..... hypos!
I suffered from about 3 hypos a day. I'd swing from about 11mmol/L to 2.7mmol/L in about 2 hours even if I was just sitting there reading a book. Hypo's aren't good at the best of times but while camping they are even worse!
I'm still trying to get pregnant but the diabetes worries me so much. I have been given the go ahead from the docs but its still a worry.
I'm really sick of having diabetes. I wish for one day I was "normal" , I was Louise not Louise the diabetic.

Most of you know I was born with one hand . My ESA have been stopped because apparently I'm not disabled enough. They work it out by a point system. I got 9 points because I "struggle doing & undoing small buttons".... thats it. I have to have had a minimum of 15 points to qualify. They don't think I struggle " completing tasks on time because of mental,learning or physical disabilities". Seriously why don't these people think!! Use their brains!!! Why is it so hard! Not only that they stopped  it from the 17th June but wrote the letter on the 1st July from evidence from 16th January. I was due my next payment on the 1st July. I now can't pay my bills due to their incompetence!! I can appeal but it could take months! I'm fuming!!!!!!!

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